Cast & Crew :: Raviteja, Deeksha seth

Music :: Taman .S

Director :: Gunasekhar

Producer :: YVS Cowdary


Surya (Ravi Teja) is an orphan, who runs a gym. He once rescues a few people in need by fighting off local goons and makes some dangerous enemies. Baddie Raja Goud (Pradeep Rawat), leads the pack of goons, who want to finish Surya off. Meanwhile, Sriram, Surya's best friend, who works in Saudi Arabia. Sriram's girlfriend dies in an accident but the cops suspect Sriram of wrong doing and slap murder charges aginst him. Surya promises his friend that he will get him acquitted and also works hard at keeping his friend's family in India in high spirits till he brings Sriram back. Surya even falls in love with Sriram's sister, Meghana (Deeksha Seth), an athlete who wants to participate in National Games.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Government declares a death sentence on Sriram. The only thing that can save him is a pardon letter from the dead girl's father. Surya sets off on a mission to get that letter and heads off to the girl's village. He is shocked to learn that her father is Raja Goud, his arch enemy. Does Surya get him to sign the pardon letter and save his friend's life? The rest of the movie answers that question.


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