Love failure:


Cast & Crew :: Siddarth,Amala paul

Music :: Thaman. S

Director :: Balaji Mohan

Producer :: Siddarth


The movie starts with Arun (Siddharth), an engineering student, explaining how he broke up with Parvathi (Amala Paul). Arun narrates how his love for Parvathi started and what are the series of incidents that lead to his break up. Later, Arun witnesses similar break ups in his friends life, and in the process, realizes how badly he was missing Parvathi all this time. So what events prompt Arun to change his mind and how he and Parvathi come together eventually forms the plot.


- Love failure theatrical trailer

- Love Failure song 1 - Intezare

- Love Failure song 2 - Happy Heart Attack

- Love Failure song 3 - Parvathi

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