The Businessman:


Cast & Crew :: Mahesh babu, Kajal Agarwal

Music :: Taman .S

Director :: Puri jagannath

Producer :: Venkat


Mahesh plays Surya Bhai, who moves to Mumbai with a single point agenda - that of becoming the undisputed don of the business capital's underworld. It happens to be a time when Mumbai is enjoying a relatively crime-free phase with all the mafia kingpins being nabbed, much to the glee of Nassar, the commissioner of Police.

His happiness proves to be short lived as Surya begins to recruit all the goons in the city. He calls his gang Surya Exports and Imports. He soon starts to cut deals with all and sundry - small time businessmen to the biggest politicians, even the Prime Minister. He corporatizes the whole business of mafia and gradually grows to become a rule unto himself. He has a little flashback too which is revealed towards the end.


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- Businessman trailer

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